About us

Impartial information, advice and support on matters relating to a child or young person’s special educational needs or disability from birth to 25 years.

We offer information, advice and support about:

  • Education, health and social care matters and relevant law
  • Support available in schools, early years and post 16 settings
  • Funding arrangements
  • How needs are identified and met
  • Disagreements and moving forward

Our team can offer individual support which may include:

  • Support at and preparing for meetings
  • Help to understand and complete processes and procedures
  • Help to participate in discussions and decision making
  • Liaising with services and organisations
  • Looking at positive outcomes

What we do

SEN support

All schools and settings should have a clear approach to identifying and responding to special educational needs and will carefully monitor the progress of all children and young people.

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Education, Health and Care Plan

A Local Authority may decide to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) following an EHC needs assessment.

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For parents and carers


For children and young people