All about you

What is important to you?

What makes your life interesting?

Here you will find a range of ways for you to plan for your future and identify the things that are important to you and things that you dislike.


Use the links below to download documents to print and use.

Thumbs-up-thumbs-downGood day, bad day

Use this resource to reflect on what makes you happy and what makes you sad during the day. Then look at how to make more happy days based on the things you like.
Here is an example of a “Good day bad day”

Download a blank copy to use

FamilycircleRelationship circle

Use this to identify who is important to you.
A good network of relationships might include family, friends, a teacher, care workers or other people.
Here is an example of a “Relationship circle”
Download a blank copy to use

PCPbannerImportant to, important for

Use this to explain things that are really important to you that others may not know. You may wish to show this to people who work with you.
Here in an example of “Important to, important for” 

Download a blank copy to use

YougnmanlookingdownOne page profile

A unique and individual page to tell people all about you and your interests and needs.
This is also used within Education, Health and Care Plans.
Take a look at some examples of one page profiles below for some ideas:

One page profile example 1,  One page profile example 2