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Michelle Reid was so helpful and kind and was happy to spend time talking to me – she was really great, a credit to your team!

The SEN Workshop "was really good to me because now I will be able to ask a lot of questions about my children's condition and the assessment that is going to be put in place."

The SEN Workshop was 'well presented and good information'

The SEN Workshop was 'an informative update.'

The SEN Workshop was 'A lot of information and a lot of individual support (on informational level) today.  Looking forward to co-operating with you.  It's really important for me to know that we're not alone and now I've realised that.  Thank you."

"Your email bulletin is brilliant, it's in a very user friendly format as well as containing great info and means that I always read it, unlike most"

"I felt like the school took more notice and were more prepared to follow up on promises."

"I feel that the school can not just ignore my concerns now someone from the outside is aware of the problems."

"With the support of wolverhampton parent partnership and support from the relevant medical departments, i felt that our voice as a family was been listened to , before it was like calling into the darkness and only an echo coming back. The school even commented on how much more of an impact it had on how they dealt with my son issues in regards to school,with coming from yourselves rather than just me, for a very very long time we were not being listened to ,it just show what a vital role your service plays upon the well being of a child, and for that i thank you. "

"I have become more aware if issues surrounding autistic spectrum disorders and availability of help "

"It gave me support and guidance and helped me from feeling alone and unsupported. "

"Whilst my foster child attended the recommended school there were improvements in her overall behavior which has allowed her to make the transition to mainstream school easier
Confidence to challenge a school on their level of support for a child with additional needs who is not statemented. An idea of what are reasonable adjustments. "

"Thank you, you helped me and my child."

"The support from school remains excellent but as a result of PP being involved, the LA and health now have a greater understanding of my son’s condition.  Additionally, funding for a further 12 hours support was confirmed."

"Parent Partnership has given us the empowerment and knowledge to question actions or decisions made by the school."

"My son has a home/school diary where we keep in daily contact with the school.  He also has a red card which he can, and has used (sensibly) for time out."

"The support given from PPS has been super.  The advice given has ensured that the correct support is received for my son in class and also understanding him better including homework being set appropriately."

"The WPPS has been a great source of support regarding liaisons with the school and since Parent Partnership Service attended the first term review last year, implementation in respect of the school’s input has been most inspirational and hugely appreciated."

"My son will benefit a great deal from the knowledge I have gained from the PP.  It has made the road to secondary education less scary for both of us.  Thank you Parent Partnership."

"I don’t think we’ve been involved for long enough yet for us to tell.  I think we’re at the beginning of a long journey, but I’m confident that PP will be involved and very helpful throughout."

"We were sent a lot of information, if we had known about Parent Partnership Service and contacted you earlier maybe things could been dealt with a lot better."

"I have been able to discuss concerns about my son’s current position with the PPS and have hopes that my son will, in due course, show improvements."

"Child now on reading recovery programme which has really boosted his confidence – now keen to read.  Highlighted to school that even though my child is reaching all of his ‘targets’ it doesn't’t mean he is coping well in lessons.  Child given appropriate support at school – just need to get formal assessments done. Child now appears happier to go to school and at end of school day."

"My son's speech has improved because he is now getting regular speech therapy at school which he wasn't getting before and the school is now keeping me more informed as to his education."

"Now more aware of what my child is entitled to, know what to ask for and use appropriate terms.  Feel empowered.  Feel teachers now listen to me more.  PCP/PCA workshop helped me to focus on my child’s needs and how we can accommodate these within home and school settings – balancing needs of everyone without losing focus on child’s needs.

"But the reason for this email is to offer you ALL a personal thanks for the help, care and consideration you have all shown us these past few months!  Although – of course – EXTRA SPECIAL mention must be made about Michelle – who has astounded us in her helpfulness, kindness and friendliness! Ohh and her amazing ‘habit’ of being more than happy of going the ‘extra mile’ when we really needed her to!!!  THANKS to you all !!!! "

"The new Autumn PPS Magazine is fantastic! Well done, it's going to be an amazing resource for people to refer to. I really enjoyed reading it."

"Great Communication, clear information"

"Once again, thank you for being so warm and approachable.  It meant a lot and you were so helpful."

"Elaine and Michelle were very informative and approachable. Lots of information shared and reassurance to the support for our child"
"Interesting session – nice to get some clear information"

"Thank you for the information that you sent, I have found it to be very useful and it has given me the confidence to ask the right questions, and discover that actually my child has many things in place already. This was either a mis-communication or lack of understanding on my part.I feel much better about school and hope that this continues."



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