Goodbye to statements

Statements of SEN are being replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans. This will start with a process called a ‘transfer review’.  

Each local authority has produced a transition plan to show how this will be implemented e.g. the number of children and young people expected to have a transfer review each year and the order in which they will be transferred.

Wolverhampton’s Transition plan

In the academic year of transfer to the new system, the annual review of the statement must be replaced with a “Transfer Review”.

For the Transfer Review, the Local Authority must undertake an Education, Health and Care needs assessment (EHC needs assessment).

An Independent Supporter can help guide you through the process.

The Local Authority must maintain a child or young person’s statement until the transfer review has taken place. However, from the beginning of transfer review, rights of appeal on statements cease and parents/young people must use rights under the new system.

If you have any questions about the process please contact us

Following the EHC needs assessment, the Local Authority will decide whether an EHC plan is necessary and if so issue a draft plan.

If the Local Authority decides not to secure an EHC plan following the transfer review:

  • parents or the young person must be notified within 10 weeks of the start of the review.
  • the existing statement must remain in place until the outcome of the Tribunal appeal.