Extended Childcare Entitlement

Extended childcare entitlement up to 30 hours

Parents are now being given the opportunity to take up an extended entitlement of childcare.  This means that qualifying families with children aged between 3-4 years old can now apply to receive up to 30 hours of free early education.
Information about the availability of this offer can be obtained from childcare providers and school nurseries.  In order to find out which childcare providers and schools who are offering the entitlement, parents can look at the Wolverhampton Information Network website.
Alternatively parents can contact Information for Families on 01902 554242 to find out further information.

Application Criteria

Any parents who are considering this offer should ensure that they meet the following criteria this is available to view from the City of Wolverhampton Council leaflet.

  • All parents in the household are working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the National Minimum or Living Wage. This also includes income from Tax Credits or Universal Credits.


  • One/both parent(s) is away on statutory leave (e.g. maternal or parental)
  • One/both parent(s) is on statutory sick pay.
  • Parents on zero-hour contracts will be eligible.
  • Parents who are registered as self-employed.
  • One parent is employed and the other has substantial caring responsibilities, and/or disability.
  • One parent is employed and the other is a foster carer with their own 3 or 4 year old.

Applications will not be accepted from parents where the following circumstances apply:

  • Parents are advised that if they are in training they will not be eligible as other Government support is available.
  • In households where the one parent’s income exceeds £100,000 the household will not be eligible.

Application Process

Parents need to apply through the Childcare Choices Website which is linked to the HMRC. If successful the parents will be issued with an eligibility code, which would then need to be given to the childcare provider who is responsible for validating the code. 
This code is a unique 11-digit reference number and is important as it is necessary in order to claim your free childcare. Eligible parents should take this code to the school or childcare provider offering this entitlement, with further documents which show the national insurance number of the parent and the date of birth of the child in order to secure the extended entitlement place. The provider will validate the code with the local authority to confirm eligibility. After this has taken place, parents and the childcare provider will be able to discuss when provision can begin.

Updated: April 6, 2018 — 8:50 am