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Education, Health & Care Plans

What is an Education, Health and Care Plan?


Many children and young people will need extra help at some time during their education.  In most cases schools and settings will be able to meet individual needs through SEN support from their own resources and expertise.  Please read our leaflet “Support for Children and Young People in Education”.


However, some children and young people may need support that is over and above this and may benefit from an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan).  Prior to an EHC plan being produced, an Education, Health and Care needs assessment must take place. To find out more about the Education, Health and Care needs assessment and EHC plans please read our "Education, Health and Care Plans" leaflet.


To request an Education, Health and Care needs assessment a template can be found on the Irwin Mitchell solicitor's website (see Template Letters, item 1 Requesting an EHC needs assessment).


There are two animated films from Independent Support that explain the EHCP process and the importance of person centered planning.

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